patented downhole steam generator

Downhole Steam Generator and Injection Tool Overview:

Field Tested and Production Ready Downhole Steam Generator

- 10/29/2014 BlackBird Tool Exceeds Milestone: Functioning maintenance free for 368 continuous days downhole.
- The BlackBird Steam Tool has logged 1,000 plus hours and 10 billion BTU/s. down hole in an East Texas oil field.

    • 5 to 50 MM BTU/hr
    • Eliminates above ground Co2 emissions.
    • Creates high pressure and temperature to increase oil production.
    • Mobile for redeployment – no permanent infrastructure required.
    • Deployable to a depth of 20,000 feet, fits standard API 5-inch, 6-inch and 7-inch oil well casings and will accommodate standard turning sweeps for horizontal wells, such as SAGDs.

Thermoxafication: a New Oil Field Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Is a patented process developed by Advanced Combustion Energy Systems, Inc. for re-pressurization and soft hydraulic fracturing of low produce hydrocarbon formations. Thermoxafication process is employed at the third phase of an oil well’s life commonly known as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). In the Thermoxafication process steam, CO2, and nitrogen are injected simultaneously at high temperature, pressures and velocity into an oil well. The hot steam and gas (CO2, N2) can be at a temperatures around 500°F > to heat the heavy crude hydrocarbons in the formation and to reduce its viscosity of the oil and re-pressurization of the formation.

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